Rescue 1 CBD

Safe For The Job

The benefits of CBD without the fear of failing a drug test

Inflammation, sleep, mood, pain relief and increase your longevity on and off the job.

0.000% THC, No Fillers, No Flavors and No Chemicals or Preservatives. And NO failed drug tests.

The Benefits of CBD

How It Works

There are well-researched and very promising benefits to CBD. We’ve made it a top priority to educate ourselves on this research and share it with you.

CBD isn’t a miracle, it’s just a molecule found in a hemp plant. It just so happens to work on the Endocannabinoid System which is a huge portion of the body’s ability to maintain balance (or homeostasis)

We’ve written quite a bit about this and made it easy to understand. Check it out by clicking Learn More:

Broad Spectrum Tincture - 1000mg (33mg/mL)

30 servings in a 1oz bottle, used to deliver CBD systemically as opposed to our topical formula which is used to deliver CBD to a local area. Every batch is lab tested three times to ensure 0.000% THC.

Made from organically grown hemp in Colorado. The 1mL measured dropper allows you to see how much CBD you're drawing up to administer under your tongue.

The QR code on each bottle shows the lab test attached and each order comes with an at-home THC urinalysis for your peace of mind.

Topical Roll-on CBD - 500mg

Used to deliver CBD to a local area, our topical formula contains menthol, arnica and CBD to quickly provide local pain relief. This 90mL bottle will last you quite awhile even with daily use!

The QR code on each bottle shows the lab test attached and each order comes with an at-home THC urinalysis for your peace of mind.

0.000% THC every time

Since 2020

You can help bring CBD into the mainstream of the US Fire Service

Take the 5 question survey and make your voice heard.

We need to educate those who write our policies and show the leadership of the Fire Service that CBD can be made safe for the job and is a massive, game-changing benefit that needs to be widely accepted.

CBD with 0.000% THC

How We Do it

As a first responder, you need to put more trust in your CBD brand than the average consumer. How can you be sure what you’re purchasing is safe?

It’s not just about CBD that is made properly. It’s about how the hemp is grown, how the CBD is extracted and most importantly how it’s tested.

And for us, we test it extensively. Every batch is lab tested 3x before it ships to your door.


Our hemp is grown from a single farm in Colorado. Sourcing hemp from one farm instead of multiple to ensure quality control.

Clean Extraction

Our CBD is extracted from hemp flowers without leaving behind harsh solvents or chemicals. In our lab tests, you’ll see no contaminants like heavy metals or pesticides.

Manufactured in the USA

Our final products are made in accordance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs). We test every batch using third party labs before delivering to your front door.

Ships Anywhere in the US

We ship anywhere in the USA within 3 shipping days using Flat Rate service from USPS.

Rescue 1 CBD

We Guarantee every batch is lab tested by an independent third party lab and comes with a Certificate of analysis to keep you safe, and informed.

Trusted in the Fire Service

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Our Founder

Jon Vought is a Firefighter/Paramedic in south Florida with 14 years on the job. He currently holds the rank of Lieutenant and after he discovered the benefits of CBD he started Rescue 1 CBD in 2020 with one mission in mind:

Increase the longevity of our brother and sister firefighters and do it naturally. 

Jon believes that hemp products should be commonplace in the US Fire Service and cannabinoids like CBD are a game-changer for the overall health and wellness of our members.