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Rescue 1 Topical Roll-On CBD • Subscription

Our CBD Topical Roll-On is thoughtfully crafted with choice ingredients that have been known to reduce inflammation and bruising. Our formula rolls on cool penetrate deep and dry quickly for active relief.

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Jan Drew
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Likes: It works!
Great for knee pain

I use it consistently on my knees and it truly works wonders on arthritic knees! Easy to use once, say it doesn’t work and give up but that’s only hurting you. Apply often and regularly and you will soon realize the difference!

Hey Jan, thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback. We love hearing that our customers are getting great use out of the product!

BH in Florida
Awesome relief

I have been using this product for years now and recommend it to all my friends with pain issues. It really works. You can’t expect it to work with one application for pain. I will put it on three times a day and the pain is usually gone in a day. I also use it to get me back to sleep during the night (I’ll rub a little on my shoulders or lower back).

Gwendolyn Yeargins

It's okay. Takes a while to stop the pain. No subscription needed.