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Black Sheep Battalion Shirt

Made from Next Level fabric which is constructed of Combed Ring-Spun cotton and polyester. It has a tall fit so the bottom of the shirt will go below the waistline for a modern T shirt look instead of that boxy, untailored, outdated style.


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Black Sheep (noun): An outsider, someone who seems or acts differently from the group; An idiom for those who are looked upon as outcasts for being different or thinking differently.

embrace it.

We are different. We’re willing to take on this outcast identity because we’re not afraid to advocate for CBD in the fire service. We’re not here to stay quiet and placate the status quo. Make no mistake we’re here to make waves because that means we’re getting our brothers and sisters to live longer and to take care of their mental and physical health. Why should we be ashamed of that? You should not whisper about taking CBD, advocating for cannabinoids or improving our health and wellness, there’s no shame in that. Be proud of it.

We didn’t start this movement, it’s been here for years and now we’re calling it out.

We are the Black Sheep Battalion


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