Need help with your department's CBD policy?



If you’re looking to analyze or make changes to your department’s policy concerning CBD, we can help. We can propose policy language to help you get started, read over your current policies or CBA to determine where and how CBD can fit in, and even perform research on your state’s legal definitions of certain words like “cannabis,” “cannabidiol (CBD),” “hemp,” and other common words in both our industry and department policies.

We’ve helped administrators and union reps in several agencies with this work, as well as helped firefighters draft talking points to advocate for change within their departments. While there are commonalities, every policy and every state can be just a little bit different, and these small differences can completely change what your policies mean.

This is a service we provide for free. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about your policy, big or small.

Disclaimer: We are not attorneys, any opinions we share about CBD policy are not to be considered legal advice. If you’re considering changing your CBD policy, please speak with your organization’s administrators about the proper legal course to do so.

Kim Vought, Policy Analyst

Kim Vought is the policy analyst for Rescue 1 CBD. She graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a certificate in Peace, Justice, and Human Rights. Her role at the company includes doing policy research on CBD laws across the country and helping fire departments analyze and revise their Drug & Alcohol policies to allow for CBD use. Kim is passionate about policy reform as a gateway to bringing CBD to the Fire Service. She comes from a family of First Responders and has seen firsthand the physical, mental, and emotional toll the job takes. Watching her mom rise through the ranks of the fire department while raising four kids showed her how tough you have to be to meet the demands of the job. Her experiences with First Responders and her passion for policy writing are why she took on this role at Rescue 1 – to use her skills to help First Responders take care of their physical and mental health.