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What's in the box:

Rescue 1 CBD oil 33mg/mL
(Peppermint & Lemon)

-Made from CBD Isolate 2.0 and CBG isolate.

-Extracted from hemp grown in Colorado, USA

-Mixed in MCT oil and natural flavor (lemon terpenes or peppermint terpenes)

-33mg per mL

-TSA friendly, only 2 mL

-0.000% THC, lab

Rescue 1 Topical CBD 5mg/mL

-Made from CBD Isolate 2.0

-Extracted from hemp grown in Colorado, USA

-Arnica, menthol, essential oils

-5mg per mL

-TSA friendly, only 5 mL

-0.000% THC, lab tests are below

Safe For The Job

We use CBD isolate 2.0

A proprietary process to isolate the CBD compound with 0.000% THC. 

The product is lab tested three times before it ships to your door

A QR code is attached to each bottle that correlates with its batch

With every order, you get an at-home drug test to see for yourself that you’re passing drug tests!