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CBD Knowledge: What to Look for When Reading a Lab Test

Here at Rescue 1 CBD, we fully believe that CBD knowledge is power. That’s why we’re immensely proud to do our part to provide educational resources that work to remove the compound’s stigma. That being said, with so many products available in this bustling industry, things can sometimes get confusing. As a CBD consumer and a first responder, reading your CBD lab test is absolutely mandatory.

Did you know that in addition to the incredible CBD compound, there are currently over 100 other cannabinoids that have been discovered? While there is still a lot of research to be conducted, studies have shown that many of these have the potential to exhibit benefits for the endocannabinoid system.


Why is CBD lab testing so important

Conscious CBD Consumption is Key for Optimal Results

It’s up to the responsible CBD consumer (you!) to do your due diligence in order to determine what exactly is in your wellness products before you consume them.

This is why being able to read a lab test – also known as a Certificate of Analysis (COA) – is an important skill to have as a conscious CBD consumer.

We’re all about helping to teach firefighters and first responders (as well as anyone interested in natural wellness) how to properly experience CBD. So keep following along with this blog to find out what you should look for when reading a lab test!


What to Look for When Reading a CBD Lab TestWhat to look for in a CBD lab test

Advice for easily deciphering the COA of a CBD product

Although it’s important to remember that not all testing companies use the same format, these tips will generally guide you in the right direction:

Be sure to look at the top of the COA to determine the following:

  • The name of the testing lab.
  • The name of the company submitting the product.
  • All sample-specific details of the CBD product being tested.

Here you should also find other crucial information such as:

  • Batch number
  • Metrc (industry standard product track-and-trace solution) tracking number
  • Various other Seed-to-Sale Tracking numbers. (This ensures the product matches the one you are interested in purchasing.)

The remainder of the COA should contain the body of the test results.

Every COA should provide a Cannabinoid Profile Test, which gives a percentage breakdown of traceable cannabinoids.

Pay special attention to D9-THC levels, as any more than 0.3% means that the particular product is not federally legal, and can also potentially cause you to fail a drug test. One of the great things about Rescue 1 CBD is that we test our products to ensure every batch is 0.000% THC.

Other related tests that may also be shown:


Applying this knowledge to hone in your CBD product preferences 

Feeling better about knowing what to look for when reading a lab test? Great! After ensuring that your cannabis product has passed all of the above-mentioned criteria, you can then use this information to learn more about your CBD product preferences.

Some pertinent questions to ask yourself after consuming the CBD product are:

  • “What compounds were most present?”
  • “How did this particular product make me feel?”

From this information you can really start to paint a picture of what hemp-derived products are most effective for you. (No matter the circumstance.)


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I hope you got something out of this article. If you did, please share it around the firehouse so we can spread the word about CBD that’s safe for the job.

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