CBD Facts For First Responders: Will Cannabidiol Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

The recent legalization of CBD means that hemp and an array of its related products have been making its way into the shelves of supermarkets, gas stations, pharmacies, and your local wellness center.  Now that it is more accessible to the average consumer, there are still a lot of common questions about how it can […]

About Our Key Beneficial Ingredients: Arnica

As firefighters, we are constantly battling the effects of inflammation, high stress, as well as navigating active recovery time more frequently. Subsequently, having sustainable yet powerful ingredients in our Rescue 1 CBD wellness products is clutch.  In fact, there are other ingredients besides cannabidiol (CBD) that also make their way into our products; another key […]

Can Firefighters Take CBD Oil on the Job?

firefighters taking cbd on the job

Here at Rescue 1 CBD, we’re in this to do our part in increasing the longevity of firefighters and first responders on the job and after retirement. We always want to emphasize our purpose of improving our first responders’ sleep, physical, and mental health because we know full well how physically demanding it is to […]

How Does CBD Work to Combat Inflammation?

Rescue 1 CBD was created to challenge the status quo of health and wellness in our fire service. We are always aiming to increase the longevity of firefighters and first responders during their careers. We are also here to provide products and information to help them ease into the after service period of their retirement. […]

Firefighters, CBD, & Sleep: The Science Behind the Benefits

In recent years, CBD has grown in popularity among first responders and members of the US Fire Service that are working to break the compound’s stigma. Furthermore, increasing numbers of consumers are popping up every day who all share something in common – a physically demanding career. With that said, it also seems that more […]

CBD Knowledge: What to Look for When Reading a Lab Test

CBD Knowledge What to Look for When Reading a CBD Lab Test Did you know, that in addition to the incredible CBD compound, there are currently over 100 other cannabinoids that have been discovered? While there is certainly still a lot of research to be conducted, studies have shown that many of these have the […]

What is CBD?

The Basics about CBD First responders need to know what it is and how it’s made CBD is a hot topic in the U.S. fire service. You’ve heard about it in your firehouse, the Fire Engineering podcast where that was on the topic of CBD, from your policies etc. Regardless of where it’s talked about, […]

Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD for First Responders

Full spectrum and Broad spectrum Can first responders take either? Does it matter for drug testing? Full spectrum CBD products contain 0.3% THC in them. Is this enough to fail a drug test? What would the be the difference for first responders between full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD? They both contain more than one […]

Marijuana vs Cannabis vs Hemp

First responders need to know about the legal differences In reference to policy, your contract and/or the law, these terms are very important to understand: Marijuana, cannabis, hemp and cannabinoids. Some of them can share the same meaning but all of them could dictate whether you can or cannot use CBD in your department. Disclaimer: […]